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    Genstar, A trusted partner for real estate services
    Genstar delivers optimal solutions tailored to corporate clients' needs based on its extensive service infrastructure.
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    We will be dedicated to increase
    the value of your property
    We will ensure your asset value enhancement
    with more than 30 years of professional management
    know-how and a professional group of large commercial properties.
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    We will find the best office
    for your company
    Based on the building database of the Seoul metropolitan
    area and major cities, leasing consultants are doing
    their best only for your company.
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    Genstar provides optimal transaction advisory services.
    Genstar offers an array of transaction advisory services from acquisition/disposition advisory,
    value-added investments to real estate development advisories.



Corporate Real Estate

Asset Management

Landlord & Tenant Representation

Acquisition & Disposal

Value Added

Development Project Planning Management

Real estate research

Real Estate Consulting

Residential Leasing Management (GHP)

SOLUON's Monitoring of Building Environment