Employment System

  • Employment Method
    • Regular intake: public intake (1 time per year)
    • Occasional Recruitment : Vacancies and internship applications are required.
  • How to apply
    • Please submit your application to our website
    • Application document : graduation certificate (i.e.)
  • Recruitment Procedure
  • Etc.
    • If application documents are found to be untrue, acceptance and intake of applicants may be cancelled.
    • You must not be disqualified for international travel.
    • Preferrential treatment is given to men of natoinal merit and with disabilities.
    • Once application papers and accompanying documents are submitted, they will not be returned.

Personnel System

    • Our personnel system is based on a fair and objective evaluation. One's personality and self development, along with his professional capacity, is all evaluated.
    • We run a selection process three time a year of those who meet the required length of stay by position and that recorded higher than a certain score on our promotion verification standards. Those who show outstanding performance are selected by a personnel committee for promotion selection.
    • Promotion system: employee --> juninor manager -> manager -> deputy department head -> department head -> senior department head

Compensation System

    • Annual salary system is fully adopted for all employees. Annual salary is determined in consideration of one's professioal achievement and performance.
    • We conduct organizational evaluation every year and make a compensation appropriate to the employee's performance.

Benefit Package

    • We provide a variety of benefits that can be chosen to each employee's self-improvement needs and preferrence.
    • For health, medical bill support, employment insurance (insurance coverage guarantee for death, injury, hospitalization), comprehensive and regular health checkups are proivided.
    • For housing, house purchase, leasing and company apartment ar supported.
    • Financial assistance is provided for employee children's tuition, family events and in-house clubs.
    • Society insurance (national pension fund, health, industrial accident, employment) is guaranteed.

Education & Training System

    • To strengthen the professional capacity of the employees, we provide education by position and duty and regular classes for arts and culture.
    • We aim to train evey employee to a professional. By selecting items of each professional area, we offer focused training and actively suport educational in-house activity groups.