Service Introduction

Genstar's property management provides optimal property management solutions to maximize client's asset value via extensive field experience and expertise.

Genstar is consistently looking to provide services aimed to maximizing client's asset value. The services include, but not limited to, managing and maintaining tenants and providing financial analysis through systematic operation management, etc.

We dedicate ourselves to assure our client's properties are managed safe and secure with operation management reports on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Main Service

Operation & Leasing Management

Suggest optimal operations budget

Manage revenue and expenditure & perform financial analysis

Select & manage facility manager

Manage lease contracts

Manage tenants

Provide legal advice & risk management service

Asset Value Improvement

Work out plans for repair, maintenance and construction

Suggest facility enhancement plans

Maintain top tenants

Improve environment of building

Review new service launching plans

Suggest alternative plans for profit increase

Contact (in charge)

Jinwon Choi 02-2003-8121
Daejin Moon 02-2003-8061
mong3022 02-2003-8173

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.