Service Introduction

Genstar's Transaction Advisory provides the best solutions based on differentiated expertise and network.

Acquisition advisory service systematically acknowledges client's requirements such as investment inclination, the use of property, price, etc. and suggests the optimal asset acquisition process. Disposition advisory service will take the asset's analysis, appraisals, financial and market environment into account and secure potential investors via Genstar's extensive network.

Genstar's disposition service prioritizes value maximization and successful transaction and will deliver the best outcome that suits to the client's needs.

Main Service

Property Types Of Transaction Advisories / Types of Transaction Advisory Services

Commercial real estate transaction advisory

Appraisal of assets and analysis of relationship of rights and duties

Preparation of a property list for sale

Disposition advisory on properties and assessment of sales price

Outbound transaction advisory

Contract review & negotiation on terms and conditions

Advisory service for corporate asset securitization

Contact (in charge)

Jungho Hong 02-2003-8090
Ukjin Kim 02-2003-8013

Inquiry for business

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