Service Introduction

Genstar's Corporate Real Estate Service provides a holistic solution that covers corporates' all real estate related needs from a real estate expertise's view. Not to mention generic real estate services such as property management, lease management, transaction advisory, remodeling/restoration, Genstar reaches out further to provide workplace consulting, suggestion on optimal use strategy and financial management of real estates.

Genstar will deliver the best strategy to not only reduce costs but to add value on commercial real estate in every possible situation by advising on creating work efficient workplace based on precise understanding of client's business, acquisition/disposition and operation of properties related to their business.

Main Service

Space Management for Corporates

Analyze market & suggesting optimal location

Perform space planning

Conduct interior construction

Provide necessary support for office relocation

Financial Management

Review cost reduction plan

Prepare strategies for asset securitization when necessary

Secure financial safety

Property Management

Propose strategies to maximize profit

Provide operational management service

Perform marketing to induce top tenants and lease management

Suggest value-add methods such as remodeling

Advisory on Optimal Use

Holistic advisory on target asset value, lease status and analysis on relationships of rights and duties

Propose optimal use strategy & the best disposition scenarios

Contact (in charge)

ysy 02-2003-8105
Sanghyun Nam 02-2003-8124

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.