Service Introduction

Genstar's Project Planning and Management Service provides all range of development and investment services to real estate owners and investors. On selecting land or building for acquisition or development, Genstar provides feasibility analysis, business planning and project management services.

Furthermore, Genstar offers total real estate solutions ranging from attracting investors for a property development project, organizing consortiums, project management, to operating and disposal of asset.

Genstar's project planning & management service will deliver success to clients with accurate assessment of development project feasibility analysis, planning and project management services.

Main Service

Assessment & Planning

Assessment on social environment, geographical location, market environment and regulations

Profitability review (cashflow analysis etc.)

Project planning and plan review

Planning development concepts

Planning project schedules and business plan

Marketing & Operations Management

Inviting Investors (institutional/ corporate investors etc.)

Organizing consortiums (finance, construction etc.)

Establishing revenue and expenditure plan

Managing project progress

Supporting tasks related to construction consent

Managing project budget

Contact (in charge)

Jungho Hong 02-2003-8090
dj.lee 02-2003-8101

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.