Service Introduction

Genstar's Landlord and Tenant Representation experts with extensive field experience provide effective marketing and consulting services in accordance with the clients' needs.

Genstar's Landlord Representation suggests the optimum portfolio with the best leasing strategy tailored to clients' needs in many different circumstances for negotiation such as relocation or integration. By doing this, Genstar makes a good effort to contribute to rise in value of clients' assets.

On the other hand, Tenant Representation service carries out all relevant services for tenants such as an analysis on buildings in the option list, market research, proposing market-competitive lease price, supporting lease contracts, an assessment of securities to secure bonds, and establishment of rights.

Main Service

Landlord Representation

Provide commercial real estate leasing market analysis/outlook

Provide asset appraisal (location, physical condition, etc.)

Establish standard lease price & lease conditions

Perform lease marketing (to induce top tenants)

Establish cost effective layout

Perform contract negotiation with the best terms and conditions

Tenant Representation

Analysis on buildings in the option list

Propose a list of offices for lease & analyze competing buildings

Support contract process

Provide methods of securing deposit bonds

Follow up move-in/out

Contact (in charge)

ysy 02-2003-8105
Ray Kim 010-6201-2954
Shinpil Kang 010-9338-8732
Sanghyun Jeon 010-9980-7843

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.