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Landlord Representation Service

Landlord Representation Service

GENSTAR uses decades-long know-how in landlord representation service to help you grow your leasing business. Starting from 1990 when we began to provide service for Samsung Life clients, GENSTAR has long performed landlord representation service and accumulated knowhow and is now expanding our leasing service experiences acquired through our landlord representation service. We are able to analyze the data accumulated through our decades long service and provide strategic insights into potential tenant clientele suitable for your property. With our solution that meet the leasing market conditions, we will aspire to maximize the profitability of your property.

Main Service

Leasing out strategy development and tenant search

Leasing management (new, renewal, termination, rent/management fee, overdue, performance report and more)

Income maximization scheme search

Tenant Representation Service

Tenant Representation Leasing Service

We are committed to office searches across the nation that help satisfy your company's needs and requirements. Consultants with service experience of at least five years in local conglomerates and global companies will fast find the type of office of your choice. Using office building data covering the national office market from Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Area and five metropolitan cities, we understand the leasing status better than anyone else on the market and answer your questions in an accurate and speedy manner.

Main Service

Market Research

Office market reserach into the market environment, vacancy and rents of a target area.

Negotiation on contract

Management and terms and contract execution. (renewal, termination, etc.)


Contact (in charge)

Jaehee Lee 02-2003-8106 jh0829.lee@mygenstar.com
Shinpil Kang 02-2003-8064 shinpil.kang@mygenstar.com
Sanghyun Jeon 02-2003-8063 sanghyun.jeon@mygenstar.com

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.