Service Introduction

Ÿ Value-added 񽺴 ԸŰ ܰ迡 󹰰ǿ ڻ ǻ(Due Diligence) Ӹ ƴ϶ ġ, , , ȹ, , и, Ǽ(CM), Ӵ(LM), ڹ Ͽ ַ ȼ ϰ, ڻ ܰ迡 󹰰 ġ Ư ´ Ӵ ڷḦ ϰ ȿ Ű Value Engineering Service մϴ.

Ÿ 𵨸 - м - Ӵȹ ̸ Value-added 񽺸 ͻ ε ڸ 帳ϴ.

Main Service

Value-Added Consulting

Market research

Laws and regulations Review

Strategic Planning

Investment advisory

Leasing advisory

Construction Design management

Asset Management

Architectural analysis

Cost estimation

Installation check up

Construction Management Service

Planning management

Architectural design management

Construction Project Management

General construction management service

Contact (in charge)

Jinwon Choi 02-2003-8121
Seungwon Jung 02-2003-8127

Inquiry for business

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