Service Introduction

Genstar's Value-Added consulting service is delivered by engineers that own expertise in real estate.

Composed of experts from various fields such as construction, interior design, facility, electricity etc., Value-Added consulting team have established an exclusive work process that takes root in experience from taking charge of value-add advisories on repair and construction for buildings under a major financial company's management over the years.

They provide differentiated solutions with specialties in construction project management; constructions, remodeling, interiors, repairs for investment, and specialties in engineering aspect of real estate; due-diligence, development project management, value-added consulting.

Main Service

Due Diligence

Suggest solutions that maximize asset value and provide a critical evaluation on physical condition of a property (construction, electricity, facility, fire safety, etc.)

Deliver advice on key criteria on real estate investment such as asset value determination, maintenance plan set-up and budget planning

Due diligence areas

  - Construction

  - Mechanics

  - Electricity

  - Firefighting, safety, IBS, landscaping

Value-Added Consulting

Build environment improvements

  - Reinforce the brand of a building via public area renovation

Review alteration of use

  - Consider possibilities of real estate appreciation through legal conditions review


  - Create alternative profit through re-development of a building

Construction Management Service

Perform construction planning

Manage construction design

Manage construction business

Deliver integrated construction management service

Contact (in charge)

Jinwon Choi 02-2003-8121
Seungwon Jung 02-2003-8127

Inquiry for business

Please contact an subject matter expert in GENSTAR to resolve the issue.